why nobody intereste in my cross-stitch?

i am so curious that why nobody interest in my cross-stitch? as is known, cross -stitch is very beautiful  and satified the need to be an artist. actually, all of the cross-stitch in my online shop are beautiful and excellent. all of them are sold for two pattens. one is compilted which means that you don’t have to do the work and can hang on you wall immediately when you receive it. if you want to do it by your self, you also can purchase the unworked pattern, and this type is very cheap, but you have to spend week and even months on them.  Continue reading


clock pattern of cross-stitch

Today I’d like to introduce a different type of cross-stitch for you. Here is the picture.sweet house


As you see, this type of cross-stitch also is a clock. You can hang this beautiful stitch on your parlour, living room,etc.

although this sweet house is different from others for it not make of wrie, it is very cheap.  you only have to cost $75 to purchase it. while if you want to do it by yourself, we also can sell the unstitched work to you, and this kind would be cheaper. if you are interesteded in it, why not contact me? my email is 94301854@qq.com

i am right here waiting for you.

cheap cross-stitch – Xu Ri Dong Sheng for sale

today, i’s like to introduce another cross-stitch pattern to you. this pattern also is the one that i loved most, for i spend more than 3 months on it.

this pattern is Xu Ri Dong Sheng

here is the photo


i love this picture so much, for the beautiful sight showed for me makes me want to live in it. this pattern is large and suit to hang on drawing room or working room. if you are interested in it, you can purchase it from me. i have an online store. more details information about it, please email me. my address is 94301854@qq.com.

Xu Beihong’s famous work eight horse

have you heard cross-stitch before? if you don’t, you have to read this article carefully. if you do, here i will introduce an pattern for you and hope you will like it.

the cross-stitch pattern is Eight Horses


this is work from Xu Beihong, a famous painter in china. the background of eight horses is from a story. according to a Historical Book, emperor Zhou has eight horses as his vihicle. according to the color of hair, the eight horses are  red, white, black, brown, deep yellow, deep brown, and green.

Xu Beihong’s drawings of horses are exceptionally good and this eight horses is his master work. if you like this work and want to keep on, please contact me. we provide cheap price and free shipping. our email is 94301854@qq.com